Kier Byrnes has been all over the globe thanks to music; touring in over 17 countries. He has performed in the Middle East for the troops, at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, and a Johnny Cash-style gig at a Belgian prison. At a private show for Jim Beam Whiskeys in Clermont, Kentucky, Byrnes and his band were rewarded with a personal tour of the distillery by none other than the great grandson (and Master Distiller) of Jim Beam.

Kier Byrnes is joined by The Kettle Burners (Jason McGorty, Joe Miller, Dan DiBacco & Brian Lilienthal); a spirited country band that effortlessly merges the rootsy sounds of traditional country music with the enchanting melodies of Irish folk. Led by the captivating vocals of Kier Byrnes, their heartfelt performances weave stories of love, loss, and life’s trials with an irresistible blend of twangy guitars, lively bass, driving drums and the soulful warmth of accordion. With their infectious energy and undeniable chemistry on stage, Kier Byrnes & The Kettle Burners create an immersive musical experience that transports listeners to the heart of country living, where whiskey-soaked ballads and foot-stomping jigs come together in perfect harmony.

Byrnes also leads the Bavarian/Oktoberfest band, Trampled by Oompah.